There are six of us: Ruby, Karen, Jessie, Gloria, Keidy and me. We are all originally from Taiwan, but met in the big state of Texas (more specifically, Dallas) around summer of 2002. I am Big-head, because, well, I have a big head. All of us have a "big-something" nickname, but I shall spare the embarrassment for some, as not all the nicknames are flattering. Nonetheless, that's how Big Six came about. (As a side note, we almost became "Pig Six", with me being Pig-head and so on... luckily we decided against that and stayed with "Big Six".)

Despite some age difference (me being the oldest and Keidy the youngest with seven years in between), we are close like sisters and get along very well. Funny thing is our birthdays all fall within two months -- Karen starting things off in June and Keidy wrapping things up in August. So it's non-stop cake eating for two months...

Honestly, I didn't expect to forge such close friendships at this point in life. I befriended my two closest pals in my teenage years back in Singapore (more about them in the following sections). Of course, I have gotten to know some great friends over the past few years, and I thank those who have made an effort to stay in touch. But my Big Six sisters are extra special to me, because they have been here for me over the past couple of years, and given me support when major changes were taking place in my life. Oh yes, they also help me keep up with my Chinese usage. I think my Chinese language abilities actually improved these two years. My parents will be so proud of me!

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